Jan 302013
Congratulations, You’ve Been Nominated!

Beginning as early as freshman year you may receive many solicitations for progams such as LeadAmerica, NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forum), and NSLC (National Student Leadership Conference). The wording usually

Jan 302013
Will a Summer Program Help Me Get Into College?

One of the most common questions students have is “Will this summer program help me get into the college of my choice?”

Usually when a student asks this question they are specifically wondering if going to College ABC’s Summer School program will give them an edge in the admissions process at College ABC. While many may immediately answer yes, the better answer is, “It’s not going to hurt you.”

Jan 302013
How to Begin Your Summer Search

How do you begin to sort through the hundreds of opportunities listed here on SPF? Knowing the answers to these will make your searching much more productive. You’ll get better results with fewer restrictions, so have an open mind and only set parameters that you are confident you need.