Jan 302013

It may be the coldest part of winter, but a few short months school will be letting out, and summer begins!  Even though it may seem like a ways off, now is the time to be planning your summer, or at least to begin thinking about how you’d like to spend it.

How do you begin to sort through the hundreds of opportunities listed here on SPF?   First, before you begin a search ask yourself these four questions:


1. WHAT do you want to do? Maybe you want to learn a new language.  Or explore an area of academic interest that you are not able to in your high school.  You could learn a new skill, live on a college campus, or go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go!

2. HOW LONG do you want to go for?Programs range from as short as 3 days to 6 weeks or longer!

3. HOW FAR are you willing to go?You could stay in your town, your home state, go a across the country, or around the world!

4. Is there a BUDGET? There are many opportunities on SPF that are free or work with a very limited budget.  But if you have your heart set on traveling far away, there is most likely going to be some expense to that.  Talk with your parent(s) to see what is possible.


Knowing the answers to these will make your searching much more productive.  You’ll get better results with fewer restrictions, so have an open mind and only set parameters that you are confident you need.